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Hello Newgrounds friends and Merry Clockmas! 

We have another collab for your viewing displeasure featuring some of our best artists including the one true King Of The Portal, STRAWBERRY CLOCK!

Enjoy Home Alone Hentai!


-Pop and the CC


House Of Haunted Clocks!!

2014-10-31 09:05:59 by Pop-Tart

Happy Halloween, Newgrounders! 


This year, the CC decided to release a collab in the style of our past Clock Day offerings... where each artist takes a turn adding to the story. It's called House Of Haunted Clocks and I promise you'll be.... ummm, entertained. Keep watching after the credits for more fun.


We love you all!

Pop-Tart and The Clock Crew

L'Officiel Clock Day Preloader!

2014-08-15 09:01:31 by Pop-Tart

Happy Clock Day, Newgrounds friends. We at the CC look forward to seeing all your wonderful clock submissions today and promise to vote and review on as many as we can. 

If you haven't made anything yet... there is still plenty of time. You can find this year's preloader here:


There are already some great movies uploaded. Be on the lookout for our yearly collab. King Strawberry took part and I hear he also has another big movie on the way as well.


Thank you and <3 you all...



HNIC clockcrew.cc

People I follow

2014-04-12 18:16:15 by Pop-Tart

Tom hasn't made a "ones to watch" post in a couple of weeks so I thought I'd share some of my favorites.


I really can't say enough about Yusuf. While other young animators are making Madness and Game Grumps (ugh!) tributes, this guy is creating original, pro-quality content.




I don't know what it is about RESPRiT's movies that bring me such delight. If there is a quality spam subculture, this man is heading the charge.



On the Audio Portal front, if you love metal, vocalist PhallicNinja is a must listen. Partnering with a variety of AP musicians (such as as Tremulos,) he tackles issues ranging from self harm to fornicating with the ghosts of deceased first ladies. Oh, and the only way to eat avocados.



Finally, the obligatory clock brothers plug. Amazing artists and great friends who inspire me to push myself harder.


RadioTubeClock whose nautical series On The Bridge should have its own collection it's so fantastic.



RenegadeClock... one of the most talented and versatile artists I've had the pleasure of getting to know.




-The Pop


Any users who created content in the early years of NG (pre '05).. my friend wants to hear from you.

Also, check out number 23.

Thank you, Newgrounders!

2014-03-01 15:39:05 by Pop-Tart

Hey hey hey!

Each February our humble little crew celebrates our adoration of Newgrounds and Flashimation with an event entitled The Flash Flood. We challenge ourselves to stop making excuses and start making art. 

We received a lot of love from this community with 7 Daily Portal awards. We super appreciate your support.

We also, of course, were treated to some not so kind words. It is expected as, like any genre, Clock humor is love it or leave it. Honestly, we are just sincerely grateful that you took time out to give our submissions a chance. The Clock Crew loves everyone, regardless of your feelings towards us.

On a personal note, I set out to create a mini-story during the credits of all my submissions... the climax for which was the subject of my final movie of the month. I'm mentioning this because for the first time since joining NG, I took a really deep dive into the Audio Portal to locate some music to move the story along. I am so infinitely impressed with the pool of gifted musicians that share their talent with us here. I will never take that corner of Newgrounds for granted again!

Here's the movie, if you haven't seen it. Featuring music by some of my new faves: Semaphore, Bosa and MaestroRage!



Pop-Tart Clock

Administrator, clockcrew.cc


2013-01-31 02:06:19 by Pop-Tart

The Flood returns...



2012-08-15 00:03:05 by Pop-Tart

Let the madness.... begin.

The Flood Continues!

2012-01-09 02:58:58 by Pop-Tart

Every January the Clock Crew hosts it's annual Flash Flood event promoting creativity and active participation in the CC and NG communities. And of course, we give away sweet ass prizes like Wacom tablets and snazzy SBC keychains.

The challenge is to make as many flashes as possible.. the real troopers aim for thiry-one, one for each day of the month.

There is a calendar of daily 'themes' to pull inspiration from if one gets writer's block... though all are free to conceive whatever their little hearts desire.

The fad this year seems to be creating one story line and developing the plot over the month. Y'all can blame me for that one.

Come visit the CC site to join, for more info on our events, or just some good old fashioned lurking. And be sure to hit up the 'Showcase' forum for links to all this year's submissions.

Thanks for reading this far down. The CC <3s you all.

The Flood Continues!

Merry %@^$! Clockmas

2011-12-25 15:45:14 by Pop-Tart

Wishing you all peace and happiness on the joyous Clockmas.

Please enjoy this gift to you.

The CC <3's you.

Merry %@^$! Clockmas


2011-08-16 03:38:06 by Pop-Tart

I just wanna thank all y'all in the NG community for makin Clock Day a success this year. Yeah, we had some haters... but most people got in the spirit of the Clock Crew and had fun with it.

The Clock Crew is always interested in new members who like to have fun and share their love of the craft. Come visit us sometime. You may be surprised.

The CC <3's you all.